Work & Labour Studies

Work and Labour Studies (WKLS) is an interdisciplinary program focused on this rapidly changing world of work and its impact on workers. Placing contemporary developments into historical perspective, Work and Labour Studies critically examines the organization and experience of paid and unpaid labour, labour markets, education and training, labour and employment law, collective bargaining, public policies on work and the economy, occupational health and safety, workplace equity, working class culture and communities, and the labour movement. Given its location in Toronto, Canada’s most diverse city, the program pays special attention to the experiences of different groups of workers.

Work and Labour Studies also places particular emphasis on the role that workers, unions, and other social justice movements have played in making workplaces, communities, and political and economic life, in general, more democratic, representative and egalitarian. By critically exploring both historical and contemporary efforts to improve work, Work and Labour Studies hopes to inspire students to intervene in their workplaces and communities, so that everyone can benefit from the world of work.


News and Events

MAY 2019

Read the Press Progress article "Lower Wages, Less Job Security: More Than 2 Million Canadians Worked in Temporary Jobs Last Year" authored by WKLS program coordinator Carlo Fanelli. 

Read the Policy Options article "So much for ‘austerity-light’ in Ontario" co-authored by WKLS program coordinator Carlo Fanelli. 

APRIL 2019

We have a new general e-mail address:

MARCH 2019

On March 14 the program held its Inaugural Undergraduate Conference. Check out the photos and poster.


On January 17 the Department of Social Science held its 2nd Annual Book Celebration for the department's authors - including Work & Labour Studies' program coordinator Carlo Fanelli for his book The Public Sector in an Age of Austerity: Perspectives from Canada’s Provinces and Territories (McGill-Queen’s University Press). Read the Yfile story for more information.


Join us on October 17 for our second WKLS Speakers Series event: "Between Capital and Labour: State Regulation of Work." Check out our poster for more information.

October 10: Read Assistant Professor Carlo Fanelli's op-ed blog post on Huffington Post Canada "It's Time We Dispel The Myth Of ‘Progressive’ Liberalism In Ontario."

October 04 was a big day for our own Professor Carla Lipsig-Mummé who was recognized with the prestigious SSHRC Impact Award! The ceremony was at Rideau Hall and, the day before, she was the featured guest at the Big Thinking talk where she spoke on "Work in a Warming World" (YouTube). Read all about it (Yfile). Congratulations, Carla!

October 03 was our successful Meet & Greet with faculty and students. Lots of prospective students came out to explore WKLS as a course of study. Check out the poster for more information.


September 27 saw our inaugural WKLS Speakers Series event: "Immigrant Women and the Challenge of Precarious Work." Check out our poster for more information.

September 02: Read Assistant Professor Carlo Fanelli's Labour Day op-ed blog post on Huffington Post Canada "Fight For a Living Wage This Labour Day."

JULY 2018

July 23: Watch Assistant Professor Carlo Fanelli discusses how municipalities are at the whim of the province. See it on TVO's The Agenda in the Summer "Why Ontario municipalities are struggling to make ends meet."