Advising & Enrolment Assistance

Note: For general academic advising please visit the Academic Advising Services at:

103 Central Square
Tel: 416-736-5222
Fax: 416-736-5294
Office Hours
Monday-Thursday: 9:00am to 6:30pm
Fridays: 10:30am to 4:30pm
(Note: University offices close one hour early on Fridays in June, July and August).

In addition, there is a dedicated Academic Advisor in the Department of Social Science to assist students with overall degree requirements:

Elma Milasin
Academic Advisor
S771 Ross Building South
Tel: 416-736-5054

Work & Labour Studies Advising

Students are strongly encouraged to make an advising appointment with the Program Coordinator early in their first year, and after that annually between March and May to review program-specific requirements, course offerings, your progress through the degree and the courses you need to enroll in to stay on track. As well, a group advising session is normally held in the spring of each year and will be announced on the Work and Labour Studies website and email list. Please bring a copy of your unofficial transcript and a filled-in degree program checklist to your advising meeting (available on our website). To make an appointment, contact either the Program Coordinator or the Program Assistant using the info on the first page of this booklet.

General Enrolment Advice

In order to avoid disappointment, enroll in your desired courses as soon as your assigned Enrolment Access Window allows. Enrolment Access Windows for the Fall/Winter semester usually open in late April of each year.

Permission to Register in Work & Labour Studies Courses

Work and Labour Studies students have preferential access to courses offered by our program. If you are having trouble registering for one of our courses and there is room in the course, contact the Program Coordinator and/or Program Assistant for help. However, once courses are full, we cannot over-enrol them. The Program Assistant maintains waiting lists for our courses and will add Work and Society students if/when spaces become available.

Please note that we do not have control over those courses that are recognized for credit in our degrees but are offered by other departments or programs. We have arranged for some spots in these courses to be allocated to Work and Labour Studies students. However, if these spots are filled when you attempt to register, you must contact the relevant professor/department for permission to gain access to the course or to get on their waiting lists (if any).

Permission to Register in 4000-level Work and Labour Studies Courses: All students in the various Honours BA degree options must take one or both of SOSC 4210 (Labour Relations Simulation) and SOSC 4240 (Labour Studies Placement). Most spaces in these courses are reserved for Work and Labour Studies students. Otherwise, access to these courses is by permission of the instructor. Normally, students will be in their final year of a 120-credit degree when they take these courses. As well, all students wishing to take SOSC 4240 are required to submit an application to and attend an interview with the Course Director. Interviews for placements normally take place during April-May the previous academic year. Students should call or email the Program Assistant to schedule an appointment.

Applying to Graduate

In the final year of study, students must apply to graduate by completing the relevant on-line form (by January 31st for Spring Convocation and July 31st for Fall Convocation). Students who apply after these deadlines may graduate and receive their degree, but won’t be guaranteed to be able to participate in the Convocation ceremony of their choice.